Oligo Analyzer

Oligo Analyzer 1.0

Accesses and analyzes determine primer pair properties
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Determine the properties of selected primer units by scanning their software components with the utility and gaining access to detailed descriptions of all parameters. Paste or type primer sequence and wait for automated analysis results. The program works with Tm, GC%, primer loops, primer dimers and primer-primer setups.

Oligo Analyzer is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to evaluate physical properties of primers. Supports 'Oligo Analyzer project' file format to save projects;• Determine primer properties like Tm, GC%, primer loops and primer dimers.;Supports result saving (txt and rtf format) and printing ;Compares unlimited number of primers to each other;Helps to select primer pairs or multiplex PCR primer pair sets;Shows all the necessary primer / primer pair information;Integrated with Oligo Explorer to enhance multiplex PCR design.

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